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Mission Statement

Recognizing that every individual innately deserves the chance to be the best version of themselves, it is our mission to create a truthful, authentic experience of wellbeing using massage and bodywork techniques combined with a passion for what we do, ever-expanding knowledge of how to do it, and the curiosity that propels us forward.

Why are you seeking massage?

Whatever your reasoning for seeking massage, having an expectation can be an empowering bonus for the experience.  Your therapist is equipped with knowledge and tools for the journey, but your unique needs/wants are what makes it yours.


Once you can determine what goals you have for a massage, narrowing down which service is for you may become easier. Given that everyone has different goals, the period of time in order to obtain them can differ. Ultimately, this can be a multi-step process. But just like any great thing worth doing, it does take time. SO enjoy the Ride :) 


1) a feeling following release from anxiety or distress

2) assistance given in special need or difficulty


1) state of being free from tension and anxiety

2) the action of making a rule or restriction less strict


1) restore to life or consciousness

2) give new strength or energy to


1) renewed growth or expansion

2) a resurgence

Giving Back to Our Community


Paying It Forward

FSMS wants to give back to the community.  We want to give the community an opportunity to get closer as well or enhance your karma by Paying It Forward for an expecting mother to receive a much needed, much appreciated prenatal massage. We are providing this service at a discounted price because who needs a massage more than Moms carrying a young person? So, if you have a little extra to spare, please pass it along :)


We have reached out to a local nonprofit The Little Timmy Project to help bring these mothers to us. Find out more about TLTP here:

I've been going to Kevin for some time now and I am never disappointed in a session.  He does an amazing job at using different techniques and modalities to help you in achieving your wellness goals.  I am always comfortable and able to let go of anything I've carried throughout my day or week.

- Dana S


Fountain Square Massage Space is such a unique space, it is warm and inviting.  The care I received was amazing.  I would recommend either Amanda or Kevin to any one of you.

Robyn S

I have gone to Amanda several times, and it is always an excellent experience!  She has a calming presence, and the whole environment immediately relaxed me.  She is very intuitive and helped relieve pain I didn't even realize was bothering me.  I always walk away feeling refreshed. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone.

- Kristine W


1105 Prospect St, Suite 202 Indianapolis IN 46203

Inside the Fountain Square Theatre Building

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