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Amanda Sargent, LMT



My career towards massage therapy began by using life experiences and passion as a guide while seeking purpose.  Having the experience of earning a B.S. in Exercise Science/Sport Medicine at Eastern Michigan University while playing division one soccer; helped to lay the foundation for discovery of how the body operates, levels of function and how to assess the multiple dimensions of the human body.  Participating in competitive sports and physical conditioning programs, in addition to years working at a physio therapy clinic was significant for allowing me to practice paying attention to detail and formulating treatment plans for achieving long term goals. Simultaneously this expanded the definition of what therapy means to me and the limitless potential within all of us.

It was on an overseas adventure in Italy that I took my first ayurveda massage course and gained insight that therapy, and increasing one's health could cohabitate as an enjoyable and positive experience.  It created the idea that something as simple as a massage could have influence over something as complex as a human. And so, through curiosity and amazement, massage therapy has become a conduit between serving the community and obtaining a purposeful life. 

Obeying the laws of physics, armed with continual exploration of new modalities and respecting cosmic karma are the governing principles within the techniques and methods used in my practice. If there was a direct correlation I wish massage could make in a person's life, it would be to be viewed as an investment in the quality of one's life; that by participating in massage, you are exercising self care and self love. We all deserve to be the best versions of ourselves removed from unnecessary stress, pain and worry.

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