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Why Choose FSMS

At Fountain Square Massage Space, we are commited to providing high quality care both on and off the treatment table.  We begin each massage with a complimentary epsom salt foot soak, with a variety of aromas available. During this time we would like to get to know you, find your areas of concern, likes/dislikes, and start to formulate a plan for the custom-tailored massage you are about to receive.  It is important to us that we understand your boundaries and how to best make you feel secure before ever getting on a table.  This process does not take away from the hands-on portion.  The amount of time you sign up for is a direct correlation to the amount of time on the table as a recipient. 

Following the hands-on portion of the massage, we are mindful to take into consideration that you may be operating on a different frequency than when you arrived.  For this reason we do not want you to rush getting dressed. Please know that we purposely buffer time in between different appointments. We would also like to encourage some "grounding" exercises for you before you leave to help get reacquainted with the earth's atmosphere and modern world pace.  We would like to invite you to sit, enjoy a refreshing beverage and entertain having a conversation for future treatment. 

We have prioritized that individuals first get out of pain, then look to increase the functionality of their mind and body.  We believe there is limitless potential in us all.

How to Have a Successful Massage

As both providers and recipients of massage therapy, we have compiled a short list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your massage.

  • Deep breathing relaxes the body and mind, increases blood flow, and enhances the lymphatic system’s effectiveness, all goals of massage therapy.  Remaining conscious of your breath can allow you to be more  aware of your body and the present moment and is a great way to more fully experience and participate in the massage.

  • If you are curious why something "feels" a certain way, please ask. As massage therapists, we are armed with knowledge of anatomy and physiology and will do our best to answer any questions. Furthermore, communication is key to any relationship, including client-therapist.  We need your feedback in order to personalize our treatment for you.  So please speak up if we can make you more comfortable.  We can change the pressure, tempo, temperature, music, lighting, etc.

  • Try to not eat/drink too much before a massage especially caffeine.  We would like all your muscles to be able to relax including your stomach.   After a massage (and throughout life) be sure to drink lots of water to help your body stay hydrated!

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