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We offer a variety of massages ranging from relaxing to therapeutic, performed on a table or a mat, for anyone from desk jockeys to sports athletes - expecting mothers and couples included.  Massages are available at 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hour appointments.  Read more about our massages and book your appointment below.

Service Menu

Add-ons available:

  • Himalayan Salt Stones

  • CBD oil            $10 each

  • Cupping

Lengths Available:

  • 60 minute        $80

  • 90 minute        $105

  • 120 minute      $130

  • 180 minute      $180

Mental Clarity Massage

Are you having a hard time seeing a thought to fruition? Maybe lethargic? Have you not seen your favorite parts of yourself for a while? Or are you working on finding favorite parts of yourself? Mental Clairty is a great way to see a bigger picture by taking a step back into yourself and realigning your mind back to baseline. This massage makes use of aromatherapy, reflexology, rhythmic motions, hot towels, and vibrational frequencies.

Physical Clarity Massage

There should be some body parts that are of greater concern than others for this massage, even though all body parts are equally important, we want to concentrate either solely or mainly on those giving you grief. This could be the result of a singular experience, recurring pain, or improper posture. This massage may make use of myofascial release, trigger point, hot towels, stretching, manual traction, rhythmic movement, deep tissue, and/or aromatherapy.

 Thai-brid Massage

A "Thai-brid" massage is a combination of traditional Thai massage and more contemporary western style massage performed on a table. The deep compressions, range of motion movements, full stretches, and occasional use of oil make this massage a great blend of our other services. This hybrid massage is a great way to feel your body more fully, focus your mind, and remember those parts of you that you haven’t used lately.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great tool for amateur and professional athletes to help evalute and learn new information about their bodies. Just as regular maintenance checks on your car keeps it in top performace, regular massages maintain your body's top performance. This massage uses a variety of techniques including hands-on bodywork, stretching, deep tissue, and more, with the goal of soothing sore or overused muscles.

Prenatal Massage

A massage is a great way for expecting mothers to relax and get some time to themselves. Our prenatal massage uses extra bolsters and pillows to ensure your comfort and safety while our slow, relaxing strokes calm your mind and address the discomfort from the physical changes you're undergoing. Getting a massage while pregnant can help with hormone regulation, swelling, and nerve and muscle pain. Prenatal massages can be performed on a table or on a mat.

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