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Kevin Jones, LMT

For the past three years, it has been my honor to work here at the Massage Space.  Owning a business (and the means of production) and working with exceptional people has been a dream of mine, and with my wonderful business partner Amanda, I'm very happy with what we've done.  I've grown and learned and experienced, and now the time has come for me to leave.  As of December 23rd, I will be leaving Fountain Square Massage Space.  Amanda will continue on, and I have no doubt you will be in good hands with her.  For the next couple of months I will be working at the Massage and Healing Center at 777 Shadeland Ave.  Following that, I will be leaving Indianapolis altogether to seek my fortune elsewhere.  I have so much gratitude for you, for your support, conversations, and friendship.  Thank you all for sharing your time and space and energy with me.  It has been an honor.

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